Dear Families and Students,
The outcome of the recent presidential election produced a range of emotions throughout our country. As is always the case, the results disappointed some and pleased others. The response over the past week, however, has been especially intense and our school community has not been immune to these sentiments.
In light of this, some parents and students have raised concerns that the election's outcome might be disruptive and divisive at Red Bank Regional. I am writing to report that this has not been the case. There were two small protests, one in support of Donald J. Trump and the other in opposition. The demonstrations lasted a short time and involved a select number of students. In both cases, students complied with the administration's request to return to class and to cease any actions that would disrupt the normal operation of school.
In general, our students have responded to the election outcome in a commendable fashion. They have continued to be considerate of their classmates and have done their part to keep our school climate positive.
I also want to thank Mrs. Clay and the school administration for allowing students to express their opinions while enforcing expectations that everyone act respectfully. When appropriate, teachers have led discussions about the election but they have also maintained expectations for positive discourse and civility.
I had the chance to speak to students about the election and proposed that we form a Public Policy Forum at RBR and continue to discuss the vital issues facing our country, such as the soaring cost of college, expanding economic opportunity, repairing our infrastructure, and protecting our environment. I suggested that we do this in a nonpartisan way that puts aside the bitterness that emerged in the recent campaign. The students were receptive to this idea and I hope the initiative goes forward.
Let me close by thanking our families for maintaining the expectation that our students respect the dignity of everyone--even when there is disagreement. Our national creed, E pluribus Unum ("from many, one") will continue to guide us as we move forward together.
Louis B. Moore
Superintendent of Schools